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It's Important To Look After Your Teeth



Emergency Treatment Dentistry

Should you be suffering from tooth fracture, serious pain or think you have an abscess, it is critical that you get immediate treatment. At Image Dental Clinic we offer same day appointments if you require urgent attention.

Do you have a missing front tooth? We can add a resin tooth by making a temporary bridge. The procedure is pain free and will take only 1 to 2 hours. You will have this temporary bridge until you have a permanent treatment such as an implant, permanent bridge or denture.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you wish to improve the appearance of your teeth? Our team are experienced in a range of the most popular and effective cosmetic dentistry treatments in London



Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a quick and easy procedure and can be completed in just one or two visits. Teeth whitening is completely safe and will provide you with a whiter but natural-looking smile.


Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are very thin but extremely durable and are bonded to your front teeth to create a uniform, even and beautiful smile. Porcelain veneers are perfect for chipped, crooked and discoloured teeth.


Composite Bonding

If you have worn, stained, chipped or slightly uneven teeth, composite bonding is a suitable treatment. It is a pain-free procedure and involves bonding a resin material onto your teeth that will revitalise your appearance and enhance your smile.

White Fillings

Advancements in technology mean that white fillings are just as durable as silver amalgam fillings. We can replace the silver fillings which contain mercury to white fillings if you want mercury-free and white teeth fillings. 


Teeth Straightening

Are you conscious about the alignment of your teeth? If so, at Image Dental Clinic we can straighten your teeth with a discreet brace. They work in as little as 6 months and are both affordable and effective orthodontic treatments. 

- Invisalign London
- 6 Month Smiles London

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Orthodontic Treatment

We offer a range of orthodontic treatments if you would like to straighten your teeth and improve your smile.



Clear Aligners and Invisalign 

If you’re not a fan of metal braces there are a number of alternative treatments to help you align your teeth. Clear aligners are an effective solution and are ideal for correcting incorrectly spaced or crowded teeth.


Six Month Smiles Clear Fixed Braces

Six Month Smile treatments aim to correct your teeth in just half a year. They are available as both invisible aligners and clear braces. They are fast working, affordable and highly effective.


Inman Aligners

Inman Aligners are used to straighten your front teeth and treatment is typically completed in just 6 to 18 weeks. They offer great value for money and are removable, to fit in with your lifestyle. 



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Restorative Dentistry

If you are suffering from dental problems we offer a range of treatments to restore the health of your teeth.



We offer fillings to repair cracked teeth and cavities. We offer fillings in a variety of materials to suit your needs and budget.


Crown and Bridgework

Crowns and bridgework are the perfect solutions should your teeth be seriously damaged or broken. With good care you can expect to see your crowns and bridgework last as long as 10 to 15 years.


(Natural Looking Swiss Dentures)

We offer natural looking dentures if you wish to improve your ability to bite and chew. We can also fit Swiss dentures, which come in a variety of natural shapes and shades of teeth and gum, to give you an incredibly natural appearance.

Root Canal Treatment

Should you have an infected tooth, it can often be saved with root canal treatment. It is a relatively quick treatment that will remove all bacteria and restore the health of your tooth.


Stabilising/Managing Loose Teeth

With the onset of severe gum disease, teeth can become loose. Many people would like to keep their teeth as long as possible, and we can use a combination of splinting and composite bonding to stabilise any unstable tooth. If you have loose front teeth, we can splint them together to help you feel better and help with eating.

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Child Dentistry

We offer both restorative and preventative dentistry for children and adolescents. From learning how to brush to correcting misaligned teeth, we are here to meet every need of your child. We will protect your child’s teeth with treatment but will also encourage and educate your child so they can develop good habits.

We understand that some children dislike visiting the dentist. However Image Dental Clinic is a relaxed and informal environment where your child will feel at ease. Our dentist and nurse have a friendly and gentle demeanour and will help your child maintain their teeth in a fun and enjoyable way.

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Preventative Dentistry

The best way to look after your teeth is through regular care and maintenance. Our preventative dental treatments will minimise the risk of gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath.


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Fissure Sealant

Fissure sealants are a protective coating that are applied to the back teeth. Sealants last for many years and will reduce decay occurring in these high-risk areas.

Dental Hygiene

The best way to maintain the health of your teeth is with regular appointments and good dental hygiene. During your visit, we will remove all tartar and plaque build up, and ensure your teeth are fully protected at all times.

Treatments for Bad Breath and Gum Disease

Bad breath is caused by gum disease, decay, infection or related to other factors. We will investigate the source and underlying problem and help you to eliminate it.

Gum disease is caused when there is a build-up of harmful bacteria in hard to reach areas. One effective way to treat this is with oral irrigation which flushes out plaque, bacteria and other toxins.

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General Dentistry

The best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy is through regular appointments with us at Image Dental Clinic. We will be able to spot any issues with your teeth before they mushroom into serious problems. It is also a chance for us to give you an x-ray, ensuring that all of your teeth and gum are in good and healthy condition.

The benefit of dental x-rays is that we can catch issues early. Many teeth and gum problems are undetectable with the naked eye, including bone infections, tumours, and decay either under an old filling or a perfectly healthy-looking tooth. X-rays make it possible to find issues early, so treatment can begin promptly to ensure teeth and gum are healthy and in the case of any problems, prevent further damage.

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Hygiene Treatments

Regular dental hygiene appointments are essential and will eliminate any build ups of tartar and plaque.


Deep cleans with our Cosmetic Dentist  in London


Deep Scale and Polish and Stain Removal

A scale and polish is a non-invasive treatment that will remove all traces of tartar, plaque and bacteria. This treatment will leave your teeth looking and feeling great but also reduce the risk of gum disease.

Root Planning Treatments

Root planning is needed in people with moderate to severe gum disease with deep gum pockets. It involves smoothing and cleaning the surface of the roots of your teeth using a scaling tool. The treatment removes plaque and bacteria below the gums to strengthen teeth and reduce the risk of gum disease.


When Is Scaling and Root Planing Recommended?

Although routine cleanings are done to prevent periodontal (gum) disease, scaling and root planing is a non-surgical procedure done to treat periodontal disease. In fact, this procedure – sometimes called a deep cleaning – is considered the "gold standard" of treatment for patients with chronic periodontitis, as stated in the Journal of Evidenced-Based Dental Practice.

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Non-Dental Services

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Botox is the world’s most popular cosmetic treatment, known for its effectiveness in reducing wrinkles and lines. If you are looking for this treatment in a safe, hygienic and friendly environment, we offer it at Dental Image Clinic.

Botox works by blocking the nerves impulses to relax, giving your skin a younger and smoother looking appearance. It is highly effective in reducing frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet. You will see results within a week, and these can last as long as a few months.


If you would like more information about anti-wrinkles treatment, preventative treatment or cosmetic dentistry in London, please contact us at Image Dental Clinic.

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