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Are you looking for a Composite Bonding Treatment in London?

Having gaps, holes and chips in your teeth can be very frustrating. It can significantly impact our lives by affecting how we smile, look, and feel. These can also cause dental problems by damaging our tooth alignment, impacting how we bite and sometimes affect the way we speak. 

Tooth bonding (or composite bonding treatment) is one of the safest and easiest ways to fix these dental problems and close the spaces between your teeth. Unlike traditional veneers, composite bonding is cost-effective and faster; in fact, the treatment can sometimes be completed in one single visit. 

Composite bonding can also help with the appearance of discoloured teeth. From drinking too much coffee, or possibly too much wine, it's very easy for the shade of your teeth to become discoloured. Teeth bonding can help change the colour of your teeth, making them a shade lighter. Our highly skilled cosmetic dentist will apply a thin coat of composite resin to your teeth to help them become a shade lighter and give you the smile that you deserve. 

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How Does Composite Bonding Work?

Composite bonding is a suitable treatment if you have worn, stained, chipped or slightly uneven teeth. It is a pain-free procedure and involves bonding a resin material onto your teeth to revitalise your appearance and enhance your smile. Dentists or dental hygiene therapists are using it to treat many different dental problems, including: 

- Repair worn teeth
- Repair chipped or cracked teeth
- Brighten discoloured teeth 
- Close gaps between teeth 
- Change the shape of teeth 
- Protecting roots from exposed gum recession.

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 Composite Bonding Before 


 Composite Bonding After 


Our London Composite Bonding can be completed in one appointment and doesn't involve any damage or cutting down of the teeth.



No Injections

Unless you have a decayed/painful tooth, you won’t need any kind of anaesthetic. 



No Drilling

Dentists only need to use tooth coloured resin to fix affected areas.


 No Damage

 Bonding doesn't require removing the natural tooth surface; this will stay the same.



No Pain

With no drilling or injections, patients rarely feel any pain when receiving a cosmetic bonding treatment.


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Emergency Treatment Dentistry

 At Image Dental Clinic we offer same-day appointments if you require urgent attention.

Do you have a missing front tooth? We can add a resin tooth by making a temporary bridge. The procedure is pain-free and will take only 1 to 2 hours. You will have this temporary bridge until you have a permanent treatment such as a dental implant, permanent bridge or denture.

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